2000+ Self Celebration
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High School Cadance
Inkie Heart
King Sombra
Batty Shy
Ruby Sleet
Crayon Doodle
Jerkey Hooves

Thanks to All.

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awh thank you! Congrats on the 2000+ follower ^_^


Oh my Celestia!!
Thank you for the follow!!!! High School Cadane (http://highschool-cadance.tumblr.com/)
I love Your blog /)(^3^)(\
So I just give little present for you !
Thank You again!

P.S sorry for bad english T.T

mod: was feeling sorta sick and weak this couple days but seeing this picture really give me a boast to wake me out of my bed. *squeezes* thank you <3 you’re styles is really super duper extremely adorable <3 

ps: don’t worry about your english x3 mine is bad too